Firefox Tree Tabs Tu(tour)ial

Jul 02, 2023

Welcome to my crib, Mozilla Firefox edition. With instructions on how to recreate it!

Yard Sale

Jun 17, 2023

A diary entry. Featuring Hot Topic fashion and a sandwich.

Bye-bye Bootstrap

May 28, 2023

Bootstrap gets the boot, my hair gets a trim, and the site gets a map.

2 months later: A Neocities Reflection

May 21, 2023

Some observations about the community aspect of Neocities and online communities in general.

Site Updates

Apr 18, 2023

new library with 61 current entries! (and a shrines page!)

Evangelion, Learning, & Moving

Apr 11, 2023

late night rambling

Making a Preloader

Apr 05, 2023

How to make a simple full-page loading screen for your site.

Site Updates ...Continued!

Apr 04, 2023

is the site running any faster? it should be running faster.

Site Overhaul

Apr 04, 2023

lots and lots and lots of new things.

Site Updates

Mar 29, 2023

new stuff

Reusable HTML Snippets: Web Components

Mar 28, 2023

A small tutorial on using Javascript to reuse HTML snippets.

misogyny online

Mar 27, 2023

a 3AM rant. as one does

Making a Website (Part 1): The Planning Stage

Mar 23, 2023

The blog got a bit of a makeover! Anyways, this is the first post in a series I’ve planned about building websites. It’s aimed towards the absolute beginner, but hopefully, it’ll still be interesting or useful for people with more experience.

'why'd you make this site?', 'how did you start coding?', and other questions

Mar 17, 2023

my 26th birthday was earlier this month.