A blue pixel catgirl blinking and kicking her feet gently. This is my personal site and a place for me to share my work. It is a work in progress, so please excuse anything unfinished.

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  • Jun 17: Yard Sale - A diary entry. Featuring Hot Topic fashion and a sandwich.
  • May 28: Bye-bye Bootstrap - Bootstrap gets the boot, my hair gets a trim, and the site gets a map.


  • 7-2-23: new blog post and a theme poll.
  • 6-21-23: added a few new fanlistings…most are still pending but wooo
  • 6-17-23: changed up a lot of CSS (ctrl + f5 if anything is weird), tweaked a few scripts, made a new blog post, joined the surf club webring & added the widget, separated fanlistings, etc.
  • 6-10-23: made a style guide after i saw 10kph do it. also added a few buttons to the links page.
  • 6-09-23: happy pride! made a theme to celebrate. updated a few pages and messed w/ some site css also.
  • 5-28-23: no more bootstrap! new sitemap! new start menu! new blog post!
  • 5-21-23: new blog post & now there’s a microblog feed on the index page. thank you hors
  • 5-6-23: lots & lots of changes, some big and some small. there’s also a new page theme up! and now there are theme previews!
  • 5-1-23: new page theme is up on the code page! i think it’s cute.
  • 4-21-23: site’s finally up on github and there’s a microblog now! elon could never
  • 4-20-23: added a tamanotchi and a lunar tracker to the home page & added a weblisting, added some sites to the button wall
  • 4-19-23: added two new webrings!
  • 4-18-23: there is now a digital library and an actual shrines page! also some font changes. check today’s blog post for details.
  • 4-11-23: debugged the theme even more and fixed the gallery filter! also new blog post.
  • 4-8-23: debugged the theme some. shouldn’t be irregular gaps anymore!
  • 4-7-23: (shaking the table) cole shrine?!
  • 4-6-23: more optimization…theme should be speedier?! working out some bugs still.
  • 4-5-23: optimized the site quite a bit, debugged mobile displays, and posted a tutorial about preloaders. u can read more on the blog
  • 4-4-23: so many…check blog for details. TLDR rebuilt the site w hugo & changed up the layout.
  • 3-31-23: rolled back windows bc it was buggy. will fix when i have time
  • 3-30-23: index page windows are draggable now! thinking about perhaps setting this site up on an SSG soon and documenting the process…
  • 3-29-23: added some new links to the cool sites section & web dev resources. and added the fujofans weblisting. old man yaoi will save the world btw. site is also on github now. the blog post goes more in depth with updates.
  • 3-28-23: added a few things to the code page, posted a new tutorial blog post, and added some credits
  • 3-27-23: new blog post
  • 3-25-23: made an RSS feed & switched around some homepage windows. yayy
  • 3-23-23: new blog post & added a webring to my links page! if anything looks weird, it’s probably a cache issueβ€”sorry about that.
  • 3-21-23: swapped some pixels, debugged mobile displays, general housekeeping, etc.
  • 3-20-23: working on web components to reduce some HTML clutter πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« 1.2k lines of code deleted so far…
  • 3-17-23: the gallery is up now! AND the blog! it even has a post! wow!
  • 3-16-23: added a links page & an about page, made a button, etc.
  • 3-13-23: it’s alive!



  • force grid refresh when theme is switched
  • ease theme switch
  • re-design start menu
  • remove bootstrap
  • open commissions
  • fix firefox microblog index bug
  • make OC pages
  • fix search script
  • RSS updates
  • fix theme flickering
  • add library genre drop-down
  • add microblog pagination
  • new shrines