#Code Guide

This is a repository of pre-made layouts and code snippets that are free for you to use (non-commercially). Check individual posts for details. A few notes:

  • Page themes are platform agnostic layouts and can be used anywhere that supports (modern) HTML/CSS. They use CSS variables to manage user settings so you can swap out colors, images, fonts, etc. These variables are located in the :root element. If you’d like to know more about CSS variables, you can read this guide.
  • Page themes are meant to look identical to previews out-of-the-box, so they come shipped with web URL images rather than local links. I encourage you to link your content locally.
  • For instructions on installing a Tumblr theme, you can read their official documentation.
  • Attribution is nice, but not required.

Feel free to email me (nenrikido@pm.me) with any questions/comments or leave a comment here.

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Sakura Page Theme

live preview

re-coded an unreleased page theme an anon asked me to release like 5 years ago (example of the original). realized i actually hated a lot of how it was originally handled and now…it is ready to be unfurled!


  • 2 custom pixels that trigger pop-up boxes/modals
  • customizable fonts, images, and colors
  • title font supports english & japanese
  • header designed for 4:3 ratio gifs/images
  • mobile responsive (built with flexbox)

Sunflower Page Theme

live preview

completely re-coded and re-vamped a page theme from 2018 i made for tumblr. (original is here.) added a few features, made it behave on mobile, and it is now published for use anywhere.


  • up to 2 side images (left & right)
  • customizable fonts, font sizes, images, and colors
  • mobile responsive (built with flexbox)
  • …and more!

A gif of a loading screen as the home page for Nenrikido loads.


blog post + codepen

“I recently decided it might improve user experience to get a loading screen instead of watching the grid unceremoniously disentangle itself. A few experiments later, and here we are.”

A theme preview. It's pink and minimal.

A blue theme with a cat icon on the sidebar.

Toothache Theme

live preview / tumblr post

this is a re-release of my very first theme back in 2016…it’s cleaned up & a bit more comprehensible.


  • 400px posts
  • 2 links w/ a customizable link divider
  • customizable post background color, permalink, favicon
  • dropdown font selection & customizable font size
  • options for rounded/square sidebar image
  • option to show/not show your description

A yellow Tumblr blog theme. It's minimal and serene with a photo of flowers and a sleeping girl.

An alternate pink version of the theme that is left aligned rather than centered

Pudding Theme

live preview / tumblr post

i love the plain times theme and have made lots of customizations over the years. so i decided to finally tidy it up and release it as a formal edit.


  • 500px posts
  • left or center aligned posts
  • links for ask & archive (if enabled)
  • customizable fonts (dropdown selection)
  • custom permalink icon or text
  • optional title, header image, & blockquote indentation