Site Updates ...Continued!

April 04, 2023

heyy i spent the day Doing Web Optimization Stuff. i documented some of it for upcoming tutorials (including a masterpost on web optimization that i’ll release once this site is, well, optimized.) but the general idea:

  • images were compressed, resized, and given thumbnails. gallery should be much quicker.
  • added alt text to the gallery for screen-readers.
  • some images are now being lazy loaded, which should also speed things up.
  • finally finished moving the dropbox files to my root directory…way more tedious than expected. lmao. UPDATE: so neocities does not let you host mp3 files. this file limitation stuff has been killing me…first no toml now this! sad!
  • the rain sounds have been replaced by wind chimes for now. was thinking about switching it up once a month?
  • there is now a preloader screen! i briefly looked into skeleton loaders, which are apparently better practice, but i am just so tired. the preloader is pretty simple, but i actually struggled more than i care to admit, so maybe i should post how i did it more comprehensively soon.
  • tweaked the layout and fixed a bug that made the navigation bar unusable on mobile.

admittedly, i’ve always been pretty negligent when it comes to optimizing sites, so this learning endeavor is very new. hopefully this makes for a better UI experience if nothing else. if stuff looks odd, clearing your cache (ctrl + f5) might fix it. feel free to report any issues though.


in VS code, did you know you can create multiple cursors for super fast edits by holding alt while you click? it’s true! reading the docs is actually helpful it turns out.


i wish i had cool life anecdotes to offer, but i have done nothing but this lately! here’s the soundtrack to my web dev stuff these days…

man this has been a lot to deal with. i am going to go smoke and reply to emails like god intended.

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